We are an offensive-security research group (we pursue to be a top-notch CTF team!) at the Kyunghee University, Computer Science/Engineering Department. We aim to effectively discover security vulnerabilities in various system software.

To this end, we analyze system software and develop fuzzing/reverse-engineering platform for finding security bugs (see Research). Most recently, we want to find logic/memory bugs in Kernel, Container/VM, Drone System, Web Application/Server for RCE/LPE. We work closely with infosec government agencies including ETRI/NSR. Also, we play CTF/Wargame just for fun.

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30. March 2023

국가보안기술연구소 위탁연구과제 수행연구실 선정 (연구책임자: 장대희. 연구비 수주액 6천만원).

1. March 2023

Daehee Jang joins KHU Computer Science/Engineering Department. PwnLab is open for new members!

16. Feb 2023

한국정보보호학회 연구회 위탁연구과제 수행연구실 선정 (연구책임자: 장대희. 연구비 수주액 7천만원).

22. Dec 2022

방위사업청/국방기술진흥연구소 응용연구과제, ETRI협력기관 협약체결 (연구책임자: 장대희. PwnLab 연구비 4년간 5억원 지원).

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